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December 25th – Holiday Prasad Meal starting at 3pm

December 31st – Bring in the New Year with 108 Chalisas starting at 1:08pm in the afternoon into the New Year!

HANUMAN & The Environment


We have come to love Hanuman-Ji for his superhuman feats offered in service to the divine. However, have you ever asked yourself what great acts Hanuman would perform in the world today?

In “Hanuman’s Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey”, author Philip Lutgendorf ends the book by referencing a modern epic depicting Hanuman as “Lord of Environment and Ecology”.  The passage he references acknowledges several of the perils facing life on our planet, including the threat to the ozone layer caused by atmospheric pollution and the discharge of toxins into rivers.

Philip Lutegendorf ends “Hanuman’s Tale” by saying, “I would be very happy if this book about Hanuman, who is so good at averting disasters and bridging dire straits, can contribute in any way to delivering this message.”

We would like to pick up where “Hanuman’s Tale” leaves off and dedicate our Ashram Blog to sharing examples of how we can embody Hanuman’s devotion and Ram’s Dharma during this essential time. Join us as we update you on steps the ashram is taking to become more sustainable and ways that you can be a part of the positive change.

Jai Hanuman! Jai Sri Ram!

“All action is prayer.  All trees are desire-fulfilling.  All water is the Ganga.  All land is Varanasi.  Love everything.”



Purchase “Hanuman’s Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey” in the Puja Pukan!

New Mandir Contract


We have signed the contract and are ready to break ground on our new temple! Scott MacHardy of Pumice-Crete Building Systems of New Mexico is the area expert on pumice-crete.
“Our intention is to offer reliable alternative building methods and services that can reduce our dependence on forest products, nonrenewable, energy intensive resources.”- Scott MacHardy

NKB Ashram’s Community Farm Stand

Community Farm Stand
Opening Day Sunday, June 19
This year we will be taking a break from our CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) program and opening a farm stand instead. Would you like the opportunity to make your own individualized selection of freshly picked veggies each week to take home and enjoy? Well now you can!

What: Community Farm Stand

Where: At the NKB Ashram Farm

When: Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 10 am-4pm

What can I expect to see at the farm stand?
Lots of greens-kale, chard, arugula, lettuce and spinach, broccoli, cabbage, peas, squash, radishes, beets, carrots, turnips and herbs like mint, oregano and basil.

Donate to a needy family
Would you like to help a local family get fresh vegetables? Our “Donate a CSA Share” program the last two years was a great success and this year we will be giving satsang members the opportunity to donate farm stand vouchers to families in need. Vouchers are good for $27 worth of produce each-buy them individually or in packs:

Individual Voucher-$27

Pack of Two-$54

Pack of Four-$108

Pack of Eight-$216

Pack of Twelve-$324

Purchase vouchers in person at the Puja Dukan, by calling 575-751-4080 or via paypal at by clicking on the “donate” button. When making your donation please write “farm vouchers” or “farm donation” in the notes box.

Farmer’s Market
The ashram will be setting up a booth at the Taos Farmer’s Market again this year starting on Saturdays in July. We will be selling marigold malas and other farm products. Check us out and tell your friends! If you would like to volunteer at the market or in making malas or other items to sell, talk to Jesse.

The Ashram’s New Pond

After much planning, the ashram is ready to put in a pond this year. This pond will not only beautify the grounds and provide a habitat for wetland wildlife but will be a major step forward in implementing our ashram-wide permaculture plan. Water is life in the desert and this pond will allow us to store and use the abundant water that comes to us from the acequias. By keeping the water on the ashram land and integrating it into the landscape we will be able to both grow more food and contribute to nurturing this verdant and sacred valley. In this way we do our little part to steward our great Mother Earth.

Help Sponsor the Pond!
Sponsor a tree or bush to line Maharajjji’s pond with lovely shade and create an inviting ecosystem for waterfowl and other wildlife. We will be planting about 40 trees around the perimeter of the new pond.

Willow Trees, Bushes and Cottonwood Trees-$27 each

Other ways to sponsor the pond:

Culverts-$273 each, need 2