“On 11 September 1973 Maharaj ji ended his physical existence in a hospital in Vrindavan, apparently leaving his body like an ordinary man.  Even though he stopped using his form in the manner to which his devotees had become accustomed, people continued to have his darshan and experience his presence and grace…
In 1983 arrangements for the 15 June consecration day ceremony were being made in Kainchi.  There was a lot of activity in the ashram, and devotees from all over India as well as from other countries poured in to attend.  A worker came three days before the function and asked the manager if he could work for the basic salary.  Since a lot of help was required, the manager took him in at once and gave him the duty of cleaning the kitchen utensils.  He worked hard day and night and impressed all who saw him.  He greeted everyone with affection and respect and worked without rest.  He did the job that had previously been done by three people.
The ceremony was celebrated in a grand manner on 15 June, and about 20,000 people ate prasad.  After the bhandara was over, the devotees started leaving the ashram.  Four days later most of them had gone.  One day the worker left before sunrise, leaving the bedding and other things given to him for his use in good order.  He did not even ask for his wages.  Sri Ma said that Maharaj often playfully asked her, ‘Will you recognize me if I come as a blind man?  Will you know me if I was cleaning utensils?'”

from “Mahasamadhi Lila” in “The Divine Reality of Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj” by Rajida