Nine Nights of Worship of the Divine Mother
Thursday September 21st – Saturday September 30th, 2017

9 Nights Nightly Schedule

Sunset-Evening Aarti and Lighting of the Dhuni

Puja and Prayers in the Temple Room Ending with Devi Aarti

Storytelling at the Fire and/or Kirtan in the Temple Room


Yantra Making: Each afternoon the satsang members create a yantra with colored rice. Yantras liberate the mind of the those who create and meditate on them, and serve to draw the devotee closer to the essential nature of the deity.

September 21-23: Durga- the goddess of courage, strength, victory and divine protection

September 24-26: Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth & abundance

September 27-29: Saraswati- the goddess of music, arts, divine knowledge & wisdom.

Learn about the Navaratri Goddesses

September 30: Vijaya Dashami (The Tenth Day)

5 pm Kumari Puja (worship of the Divine Mother in the form of a child)

Followed by Procession to the Rio Grande in Pilar for Visarjan, an immersion of the idol in the river accompanied by ghee lamps.

All kids are welcome to participate in the Kumari Puja. Participants should come dressed in festive attire and arrive at the ashram by 4:30 pm to get ready for the puja.

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Vijaya Dashami 2016

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