Nine nights of worship of the Divine Feminine
w/ Puja, Kirtan and Stories

Thurs, Sept 21 – Fri, Sept 29, 2017
6:00-8:00 pm

Evening Schedule:

Dinner Prasad – 5 pm
Lighting of the Sacred Fire – 6 pm
Followed by Puja, Kirtan and Stories

 Special Navratri Events:

Puja to Saraswati

Goddess of Learning and the Arts

Wednesday, September 27th 11:00 am-Noon

Kumari Puja – WATCH VIDEO!

Worship of the Goddess in the form of a child
Saturday, September 30th 11:00 am-Noon:
Kids procession and honoring of the children
Followed by lunch Prasad
All kids are welcome to participate!
Kids and parents please arrive by 10:30 in your fanciest outfit to get ready for the puja!


Immersion of the clay image of
the Goddess in the Rio Grande
Saturday, September 30th
Leave from the Ashram at 2 pm

Volunteers are welcome!

Volunteers needed to help with the Kumari Puja, Visarjan trip to the river, daily decorating of the temple, Dhuni and sunroom, dinner Prasad preparation, sweet making and clean-up after dinner and puja.

Volunteers please contact Nanette: (575) 779-7010 or Anandi: (575) 758-8328 or just show up and ask in the kitchen about volunteering.
Jai Ma!

Navaratri 2016

Vijaya Dashami 2016

Navaratri 2015 / 2014