The Ashram’s New Pond

After much planning, the ashram is ready to put in a pond this year. This pond will not only beautify the grounds and provide a habitat for wetland wildlife but will be a major step forward in implementing our ashram-wide permaculture plan. Water is life in the desert and this pond will allow us to store and use the abundant water that comes to us from the acequias. By keeping the water on the ashram land and integrating it into the landscape we will be able to both grow more food and contribute to nurturing this verdant and sacred valley. In this way we do our little part to steward our great Mother Earth.

Help Sponsor the Pond!
Sponsor a tree or bush to line Maharajjji’s pond with lovely shade and create an inviting ecosystem for waterfowl and other wildlife. We will be planting about 40 trees around the perimeter of the new pond.

Willow Trees, Bushes and Cottonwood Trees-$27 each

Other ways to sponsor the pond:

Culverts-$273 each, need 2

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