Playground Renovation Project


Due to insurance requirements, the large play structure at the ashram that includes the slide has been removed. (thank you tolocal satsang seva crew!) The play structure has served children at the ashram for over ten years and now that its gone we need to rebuild a new play structure that aligns with acceptable safety standards. Our plan is to replace the slide with a new one and add a play house and a climbing area. The gravel will be removed and sand placed under all the play equipment. Landscaping will be used to create natural play spaces and a children’s meditation path. A space for parents and children to sit and eat will be created as well. The fencing around the playground will be redone for safety. All of this activity will take several summers to complete, but over time we will create a beautiful and safe place for the children and all of the satsang to enjoy. There are many ways to contribute to the playground renovation. Monetary donations are always welcome and accepted through the office, but you can also contribute by donating materials or seva/time/energy.

BHAKTI BAKE SALE – we already had a successful bake sale this past Monday- thanks to all who baked, attended and helped to make it a great day!

And we will have another on JULY 1st. The money raised from the bake sales will help raise funds for the new slide. Contact Nikki – 575-776-1264 – if you want to contribute baked goods, or help at the table during the day. This is a local event taking place at Cid’s Market in Taos.

We also need the following materials:

Adobe Dirt
4ft diameter by 3-6 ft long culvert

Additional Seva at the site:

We hope to have some kid-friendly times to get together and work so that the kids can help out too. To be announced.

Look for flyers around the ashram for more in the moment information about this exciting new project!

Thank you!

Ram Ram!