NKB Ashram’s Community Farm Stand

Community Farm Stand
Opening Day Sunday, June 19
This year we will be taking a break from our CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) program and opening a farm stand instead. Would you like the opportunity to make your own individualized selection of freshly picked veggies each week to take home and enjoy? Well now you can!

What: Community Farm Stand

Where: At the NKB Ashram Farm

When: Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 10 am-4pm

What can I expect to see at the farm stand?
Lots of greens-kale, chard, arugula, lettuce and spinach, broccoli, cabbage, peas, squash, radishes, beets, carrots, turnips and herbs like mint, oregano and basil.

Donate to a needy family
Would you like to help a local family get fresh vegetables? Our “Donate a CSA Share” program the last two years was a great success and this year we will be giving satsang members the opportunity to donate farm stand vouchers to families in need. Vouchers are good for $27 worth of produce each-buy them individually or in packs:

Individual Voucher-$27

Pack of Two-$54

Pack of Four-$108

Pack of Eight-$216

Pack of Twelve-$324

Purchase vouchers in person at the Puja Dukan, by calling 575-751-4080 or via paypal at https://nkbashram.org/donate/ by clicking on the “donate” button. When making your donation please write “farm vouchers” or “farm donation” in the notes box.

Farmer’s Market
The ashram will be setting up a booth at the Taos Farmer’s Market again this year starting on Saturdays in July. We will be selling marigold malas and other farm products. Check us out and tell your friends! If you would like to volunteer at the market or in making malas or other items to sell, talk to Jesse.

The Ashram’s New Pond

After much planning, the ashram is ready to put in a pond this year. This pond will not only beautify the grounds and provide a habitat for wetland wildlife but will be a major step forward in implementing our ashram-wide permaculture plan. Water is life in the desert and this pond will allow us to store and use the abundant water that comes to us from the acequias. By keeping the water on the ashram land and integrating it into the landscape we will be able to both grow more food and contribute to nurturing this verdant and sacred valley. In this way we do our little part to steward our great Mother Earth.

Help Sponsor the Pond!
Sponsor a tree or bush to line Maharajjji’s pond with lovely shade and create an inviting ecosystem for waterfowl and other wildlife. We will be planting about 40 trees around the perimeter of the new pond.

Willow Trees, Bushes and Cottonwood Trees-$27 each

Other ways to sponsor the pond:

Culverts-$273 each, need 2

Permaculture Workshop

Permaculture Workshop with Rico Zook

3-Day Permaculture Workshop with Rico Zook
at Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, 416 Geronimo Ln., Taos


“Holistic Farm Design” Saturday, June 4-Monday, June 6

This workshop will integrate hands-on experience with an in-depth introduction to what makes a farm (or any system) holistic, regenerative and resilient. We will look at the foundations of regenerative systems, as well as how permaculture principles can be applied in both physical systems, such as a farm, and in invisible systems, such as communities and organizations.
Much of our hands-on work will focus on finishing the ashram’s newly-dug pond. This project will give us a direct example of systems integration and how elements on a holistic farm interlink and support each other. We will be working with the water element-shaping the earth it moves through, deciding how it will interact with the landscape, and thinking through how these decisions relate to plantings and crop production.
Hands-on work may include:
Designing and planting a “food forest” in the ashram orchard
Hand finishing (micro-shaping) the pond dam
Seeding and planting the dam and around the pond and overflow acequia
Creating the pond’s overflow and digging the overflow’s acequia
Linking the overflow acequia to the fields for flood irrigation

Workshop Schedule:Ockenden, Cambodia farmer training led by Rico’s student, Sheet mulching, near Sisophon
Saturday and Sunday June 4-5
8 am-10 am Lecture and Discussion
10-12:30 Hands-On projects
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3 pm Lecture and Discussion
3-6 pm Hands-On Projects
6 pm Dinner
*Saturday Only* 8-9 pm Slide Show on “Permaculture in India”
Workshop is by donation-pay what you can. Rico is donating his time and expertise and all donations go directly to benefit Hanuman’s Garden-the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Permaculture Farm. Vegetarian lunch and dinner will be provided. For more information or to register contact anandi_manager@nkbashram.org or call 408-722-7734.
Monday, June 6
Community Seva Day-All Are Welcome!
Come help dig, plant, build and shape. Help the ashram move forward with its permaculture plan while benefitting from the knowledge of a world leader in the permaculture movement.
8-12 Morning Session
12:30 Lunch
2-6 Afternoon Session

Vegetarian lunch will be provided.

About Rico:Aapbotay, Mineral Springs, Darjeeling, talking to local children
Rico has a degree in Environmental Studies focused on Land Restoration, with minors in biology and philosophy. He spent years homesteading in northern California and working in Yosemite Nat’l Park before coming to New Mexico in 1996 shortly after the wildfire which decimated the Lama Foundation. There he worked under permaculture expert Ben Haggard, first as co-director and crew foreman of the land restoration crew and then as land manager for the next ten years creating and implementing a permaculture design for the community.
For the past 8 years he has worked as a global permaculture designer, consultant and instructor. His focus has been on assisting local and indigenous cultures in preserving traditional knowledge and technologies while adapting to and becoming active members of our rapidly globalizing world. His pioneering work in India and Cambodia has earned him a large following and a full workshop schedule abroad. For more information about Rico and his work check out his website at www.i-permaculture.org.