HANUMAN & The Environment


We have come to love Hanuman-Ji for his superhuman feats offered in service to the divine. However, have you ever asked yourself what great acts Hanuman would perform in the world today?

In “Hanuman’s Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey”, author Philip Lutgendorf ends the book by referencing a modern epic depicting Hanuman as “Lord of Environment and Ecology”.  The passage he references acknowledges several of the perils facing life on our planet, including the threat to the ozone layer caused by atmospheric pollution and the discharge of toxins into rivers.

Philip Lutegendorf ends “Hanuman’s Tale” by saying, “I would be very happy if this book about Hanuman, who is so good at averting disasters and bridging dire straits, can contribute in any way to delivering this message.”

We would like to pick up where “Hanuman’s Tale” leaves off and dedicate our Ashram Blog to sharing examples of how we can embody Hanuman’s devotion and Ram’s Dharma during this essential time. Join us as we update you on steps the ashram is taking to become more sustainable and ways that you can be a part of the positive change.

Jai Hanuman! Jai Sri Ram!

“All action is prayer.  All trees are desire-fulfilling.  All water is the Ganga.  All land is Varanasi.  Love everything.”



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