Maharaj-ji Story

One man worked so hard at the ashram he almost never had Maharaj-ji’s darshan. But late one evening it so happened that, one by one, the devotees left and Maharaj-ji was alone on his tucket.  That man then went over to sit with Maharaj-ji. Maharaj-ji seemed surprised since that man never seemed to have time to have darshan. So Maharaj-ji said to him, “What would you like?” The man merely answered “Atma-gyan” (knowledge of the self).

Maharaj-ji simply replied,

“Service to all is atma-gyan.”

Miracle of Love

Honoring Sri Siddhi Ma

 Dear Beloved Satsang Sisters and Brothers,
Sri Siddhi Ma, a very close devotee of Maharaj-ji and considered by many to be a great yogini and saint in Her own right, left Her body on December 28, 2017.   Since Maharaj-ji left His body in 1973, she has blessed all of his ashrams with Her compassionate guiding presence.  For the last 44 years She has continued Maharaj-ji’s work of comforting souls and has made sure that His ashrams and temples are immaculate seats for His powerful divine presence.  We bow at the Mother’s lotus feet, thanking Her for Her many blessings, both hidden and revealed.
“One evening Baba was staying overnight at the India Hotel [which was owned by Sri Siddhi Ma and her family].  It was a dark night and raining very heavily.  At midnight Baba suddenly turned to Ma and asked her, ‘If I ask you to, can you leave this household forever at this very moment?’  Without a moment’s hesitation, Ma turned to Jivanti Ma, her friend and constant companion in devotion to Maharaj-ji, and asked her to get up and leave with her before either of them got caught by attachments.”
-From “I and My Father Are One” by Rabboo Joshi
In honor of Mataji

Daily chanting of 11 Hanuman Chalisas

for 11 days after morning aarti

from December 28-January 8

Bhandara to celebrate the 12th day

Monday, January 8th at 12:30 pm
Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Santa Maharaj Ki Jai! 

Sri Siddhi Ma – Our Divine Mother

“Since the time that Maharaj​-j​i left His body, He started manifesting more and more through Siddhi Ma’s transmission. She conveyed the love that Maharaj​-j​i is; S​he was an extension of that unconditional love. We in the satsang will throw off our attachments and meet Her in Her true self, the Soul. For those that felt protected by Her, that protection will continue. We all remain under Her umbrella of Grace. It was clear to me that when Maharaj-ji left His body He was ever present. And in this same way, I feel joyful for this transition of Siddhi Ma. Although, Her name means Mother of Spiritual Power, for all of us, Her spiritual family, She is simply Ma.”

-Ram Dass, December 28, 2017

Mandir Manifestation!

It has been a deep pleasure to be apart of this exciting process and to get to know Scott McHardy, the general contractor, and his wonderful crew. We have been very touched by the devotion and generosity of the many friends who are supporting the project in many ways.

By His Grace, construction on Hanuman’s new Mandir has made incredible progress over the past year and a half. Currently, the building is enclosed, the roof is on and the central dome construction has been completed.

Due to the generous support of many devotees and the amazing offer of one devotee to make a $50,000 matching fund donation, the ashram’s summer Mandir fundraising campaign was an incredible success. These funds allowed the construction to continue uninterrupted, keeping the interior safe for the winter.

The excitement generated by the offer of the $50,000 match donation ensured that the goal of raising $150,000 was not only met, but was exceeded by over $17,000. Thank you to all those who supported with generous donations; also thank you to Ram Dass, Jai Uttal and Krishna Das for their incredible support in helping to spread the word about our efforts to build Hanuman’s new home.

CLICK to See Message by Ram Dass about

Sri Siddha Ma’s blessing of our Hanuman! 


In addition to the online fundraising campaign, an auction was held at Maharaj-ji’s Mahasamadhi Bhandara, as well as a raffle. Between the two, almost $20,000 was raised for the construction project. Thank you so much to all who participated, and for the incredible efforts of those who organized these events, including our intrepid auctioneer, Ira Rose!

Maharaj-ji said, “All the money in the world is mine, even the money in America.” The miracle of Baba’s abundance has certainly manifested over the last two years. It is truly a miracle that in two years time through His grace and the unbelievable support of so many devotees $797,340 has been raised toward the building of a temple for Hanuman-ji. It is His miracle that $537,708 was raised during just the last nine months.

CLICK to see construction progress updates! 

The plan is to complete the construction of Hanuman’s temple by the middle of September of 2018.  In order for this dream to become a reality, an additional $500,000 must be raised by August 2018. This amount will ensure that the building is completed, the landscape design is implemented for the new Mandir. If the construction continues to move forward as planned, the new temple will be ready for inauguration by next September and next year’s celebration of the 45th anniversary of Maharaj-ji’s Mahasamadhi on September 22nd-23rd, 2018 will be a gala inauguration event celebrated in the new Mandir! Help spread the word and make this once-in-a-lifetime event come into being!

Ram Ram, Love and Gratitude!

EXCITING UPDATE: We have launched a new online campaign cycle to raise $165,000 by March 1st! Please go to to see updated information about the campaign and a new campaign gifts photo page and look for our newest email update soon to follow.

Donations to the Mandir Fund can also be made by mail. Please be sure to indicate Mandir Fund on the check and send to

NKB Ashram, PO Box 1710, Taos, NM 87571

To contribute offline by credit card, please call 575-751-4080.

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When Ram Dass met Maharaj-ji in 1967, Maharaj-ji asked the man who was translating for him, Krishna Kumar (K.K.) Sah to bring Ram Dass to his home, take care of him and feed him “double-roti” or toast. That began a lifelong spiritual friendship between two guru brothers in Maharaj-ji’s satsang family. Over the years Ram Dass and K.K. have exchanged dozens of letters. They see each other whenever possible.

K.K. grew up in Nainital in the Kumaon Hills. As a child he vividly remembers Maharaj-ji visiting his home. K.K.’s parents died when he was young and Maharaj-ji became like a parent to him. Maharaj-ji treated K.K. with great affection and blessed him to be “always like a child”. For his part K.K. says he took “full liberty” with that blessing, playing with Maharaj-ji with intimacy and effrontery.

K.K. never married. He has a deep and abiding interest in the great saints and yogis of the Himalayan Hills, and for decades has collected stories about them. This year they were published in a book, Deva Bhumi, which translates as ‘Abode of the Gods’, available in the Taos Ashram Puja Dukan bookstore.

In 1974 K.K. visited the U.S. for the first time, and he has returned every few years. He arrived in New York in April of this year, spent a few days on the east coast, and went to Maui in May to see Ram Dass and attend a Ram Dass/Krishna Das retreat. After the retreat he traveled to California to visit with satsang, then to Taos to see the new mandir construction. He returned to New York via Asheville, NC and traveled back to India in early June.

K.K.’s visit to Maharaj-ji’s ashram in Taos was filled with the nectar of the bliss of remembering Baba and re-telling stories of K.K.’s time with Him. Everyday a group of devotees and K.K. would gather somewhere out in the gardens of the ashram and spend hours basking in the sun and basking in the shared love of our Baba. It was such a blessing for the devotees in Taos to have K.K. visit and share his love and stories of Maharaj-ji with all of us.

Click here to download the full content of the 

e-book “Essence of the Ramayana” by K.K. Sah

K.K.’s approach to spiritual life has from the start been about love and devotion. He has taught us a lot about saints and the guru – how to be like a child in relation to God, the deep lessons of the Ramayana, and the sweetness of unconditional love in Indian families.

Pranams, K.K. Thank you for being in our lives.

At the Ashram…

The ashram staff and tireless group of volunteers have supported the growing community served by the ashram with generosity and equanimity through the seasons and we would like to acknowledge everyone’s sincere and dedicated efforts.

On the Farm

On the farm this year, Micki and George, with help from Joe, have labored tierlessly to bring forth a bountiful harvest despite set backs due to unpredictable weather. Their commitment to sustainability and to nurturing a refuge and sanctuary for all forms of life here on the ashram grounds has taken the ashram’s commitment to seva and compassion to a new level. Beyond just caring for human life and the community of devotees, they have extended their loving awareness into the realm of the butterflies and bees, the frogs and the soil microbes. Thank you for awakening us to the practice of engaging in seva towards Mother Nature and all of her systems. John has also been a consistent help in the farm.

At the ashram, we are working diligently towards our goal of creating a healthy, thriving permaculture farm that is high production and low maintenance – yeilding the most high quality prasad for devotees. This summer the ashram installed a pond, which will act as an abundant water source that will support the regenerative and self sustaining qualities of the farm.

CLICK HERE to enjoy a video about the principles of permaculture and how they are being applied here at the Ashram Farm.

Jesse and Stefani still continue to contribute seva on the farm in the flower gardens, even though they have moved on to raise their family not far away.

We offer a deep bow of gratitude to Jesse for all his heartfelt seva.

We have collected an abundance of favorite

prasad recipes from Maharaj-ji’s kitchen.

CLICK HERE to check out these recipes and enjoy! 

The cow seva team of Jonathan and Anandi, with help from Nikki and other sevaks, enjoyed frolicking in the summer pastures with the cows and harvesting a variety of juicy treats for them from throughout the land.

Enjoy our blog: Holy Cow! Part I –  The Story of Vasishtha and Vishvamitra

Tomas contributes to the fine carpentry of the Mandir construction, continues to keep the place repaired and the machines running smoothly.

Ximena and Devika along with other volunteers and staff have been offering beautiful aarti in the temple, making sure that Maharaj-ji’s ashram sparkles and assuring that guests are well taken care of.


Bina Harmonium for temple room – $500
PA system for the temple room – $500
Materials for solar-heated water trough for cows – $200
Materials for fodder-growing system for cows – $500
Mattress pads for dharmsala – $250
Down-alternative winter comforters for dharmsala – $150 each (need 5)
Cotton comforter covers for dharmsala – $50 each (need 5)
Heavy duty floor mats for mud and snow in sunroom – $400
A grain mill – 500.00

Farm Wish List

Hand Pruners  3pr $20.00 a pair – $60
Heavy duty hose 50′ qty 1 –  $50
Tower Sprinkler  qty 1 – $150
Metal Oscillating Sprinkler qty 1 – $30
Straw for garden mulch and peacock bedding (ongoing) $7 bail
 For information on gifts of securities, real property or other forms of planned giving, please contact the Ashram office at (575) 751-4080 or

Ramayana Lecture Series 2017

Enjoy our series of hour-long webcasts from our summer series on the Ramayana tradition.

“Diving Into the Lake: (Re)Translating Tulsidas’ Rāmcaritmānas”

w/ Professor Philip Lutgendorf

Ramayana Webcast with Ram Dass & Hanuman das 

Winter at the Ashram

As we move into the winter season, we look forward to a time of inward reflection and opportunities to rest and rejuvenate.  With a large portion of our resources funneling into the new temple project we will be simplifying our schedule and offerings for the winter.

Please make sure to check the current ashram hours before planning your next visit.

Also stay tuned in to the website for updated photo albums, Maharaj-ji stories and blog posts.  And don’t forget that we livestream Sunday chanting of Hanuman Chaleesa every week at 11 am MST and also livestream the full chanting at all of our festivals.  Check the website for details on how to tune in.

We hope everyone in the satsang community feels the continued presence of Maharaj-ji wherever they are and that, by His grace, they will have the opportunity to join us here in Taos to bask in Maharaj-ji’s grace together and partake in the nectar of satsang.


On the financial end, Maharaj-ji continues to assure the smooth running of ashram operations and the continued progress on the new mandir construction.  We always feel his unseen hand behind everything, especially when unexpected funds appear just as we need them.  Donations to the general operations fund have decreased as we have turned our focus to funding the building project and last year as we began to tighten our belts in operations, the ashram received a bequest in the amount of $39,000. This allowed us to do some necessary upgrades to infrastructure and be ready to handle some unforseen plumbing and water pump repairs that came up last winter. Bequests are a great way to leave a legacy for the ashram and to ensure it’s long-term financial stability.  If you are interested in finding out more about how to leave a bequest to the ashram, please contact our office at 575-751-4080 or email If you would like to contribute to the general operations fund you can do it through the GIVING page on our website, in person, over the phone or by mail.

Make a Donation to the Ashram

Be with Baba…

Christine Lakshmi Tiernan, December 10, 1950 – February 19, 2017

Our beloved guru sister and friend Lakshmi passed peacefully in her home from an apparent heart attack on February 19th of this year. Lakshmi was dearly loved by many in the satsang. Lakshmi will be remembered for many things that she did in her life. She was an incredible artist and an art therapist who spent most of her adult life in service, especially to the underprivileged children of the world. For many years she traveled to India for her Art Seva Foundation to work in orphanages and underserved schools all over North India, bringing art supplies with her and working with the children and enriching their lives. One of the most significant things that our beloved Lakshmi is known for in the Neem Karoli Baba satsang is the painting that she did of a flying Hanuman, after which our beautiful Hanuman Moorti in Taos is modeled. Lakshmi you are deeply loved and missed!

Linda Walrod-Frith (aka Ardas) April. 23,1950 – November 20, 2016 
This photo was taken in Prague last summer, while traveling abroad with her daughter for the first time. Two years ago, she had surgery for colon cancer, but we lost her last November.  The Neem Karoli Baba Ashram always was a place she enjoyed and was able to connect with wonderful people!

 Beloved community member Alexandra “Lexie” Lee Shabel died peacefully in Hollywood, FL at the age of 50.
Lexie was involved in the film industry for many years before she started directing and producing her own documentary films. Her videography includes the film, “The ‘Me’ Film,” which documents Lexie’s struggle with cancer and her goals of discovering holistic methods of treatment for the disease. Lexie was also the founder of Breast Wishes Fund, an organization focused upon coalescing holistic and eastern remedies with modern non-chemo methods of cancer treatment. For a better understanding of Lexie’s mission in life and the goals she sought to achieve, please visit

2018 Festival Schedule

SHIVARATRI – February 13-14, 2018

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Hanuman Jayanti – March 30-31, 2018 

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GURU PURNIMA – July 27-28, 2018 

(see full details with gallery)

Mahasamadhi Bhandara – September 22-23, 2018

(see full details with gallery)

Navaratri October 9-18, 2017 

(see full details with gallery)


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“The great sadhus don’t have a human body. They are omnipresent.”- Maharaj-ji

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