Permaculture Farm Overview w/ Rico Zook

Enjoy this informative video about the principles of permaculture and how they are being applied here at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Farm. 

Rico Zook has been consulting & working collaboratively with the ashram farm for the past 7 years to develop a regenerative permaculture garden & farm.

In this video Rico speaks about the difference between permaculture and conventional farming methods.  He highlights the importance of perennials and plant diversity to create an ecoysystem of plants that benefit one another. He also emphasizes the importance of shaping the land to contain and circulate water most efficiently,  promoting resiliency in the face of hardship.

The ashram’s most recent permaculture development includes the installation of a pond, which will act as an abundant water source that will support the regenerative and self sustaining qualities of the farm. At the ashram, we are working diligently towards our goal of creating a healthy, thriving permaculture farm that is high production and low maintenance – yeilding the most high quality prasad for devotees.