Seva Update

Ram Ram! It’s beginning to feel like spring in Taos and Baba’s Ashram and Farm are in full swing as we get ready for the summer season.

The Ashram has a lot of Seva projects for people who live in Taos or those who want to help with a project while visiting. If you have specific skills or interest, please come in and talk with a Caretaker if you want to help, or email for details. A list of projects we’re starting is below.

We also have 8 tent plots available for people interested in immersing themselves in seva (selfless service) and Ashram life for an extended time during the camping season. If you are interested in serving and tent camping at the Ashram and Farm, please email for details.

Ashram Projects:

  • Guest chefs to prepare prasad, especially for Saturday or Sunday lunch and Tuesday dinner
  • Sanding and oiling the pillars on new Mandir
  • Mowing the lawns (we’d love someone interested in dedicating 3-4 hours a week to this on an ongoing basis)
  • Assisting Farm (big and small projects available)
  • Chimney sweeping and wood-stove maintenance
  • Edging the flower beds and weeding
  • Roof repair: We’re in the process of collecting estimates from contractors for two major roof repair projects, if you’re a roofer or know a great one, please reach out

All of our seva and His grace make all of this possible!

Nina Rao and Mirabai Starr

Saturday, April 20th, 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Nina Rao and Mirabai Starr will offer a tapestry of kirtan and spoken word in honor of the Divine Feminine

in the new temple site.