Ashram Fully Closing in Response to Covid-19

Ashram and Mandir Closed Until Further Notice

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ashram and mandir will be closed to all guests at this time

See our previous announcement about Hanuman Jayanti being cancelled here 


Dear Satsang, 

At our Ashramite meeting yesterday, one of the ashram’s caretakers spoke about Maharaj-ji’s teaching of Sub Ek (All One) and how the Covid-19 pandemic is making clear our shared responsibility to one another and how interconnected we all are. 

It is with this recognition of our shared responsibility to slow the spread of the virus that we are making the very difficult call to fully close the mandir and ashram to visitors at this time. 

We were initially hoping we’d be able to leave the mandir open for brief darshan, but with the way the virus is spreading and the latest recommendations of scientists and experts, this is no longer in the best interest of our community and the public.

We know how much you all love the ashram and how important being able to have Maharaj-ji and Hanuman’s darshan here is, but we feel that it’s critical right now to support ‘social distancing’ and reduce places of contact where the virus can spread. This virus is impacting people around the world and Maharaj-ji’s ashrams in Kainchi and Vrindavan have also made the challenging call to close to visitors at this time.

It is our sincere hope that if we’re able to make selfless decisions and follow Maharaj-ji’s teachings to love everyone, serve everyone, and remember God, we will come through this pandemic quickly, more connected, and with less loss of life. 

We don’t know how long this closure will last, but we will reevaluate in early April and will send an update by April 9th. We will continue to live stream the 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM MST aartis so you can have darshan at home. See a FAQ below for answers to some questions we’ve been getting. 

Please visit our website at to view the aarti live-streams or to support the ashram with an online donation. If you have any questions, you can email

With love and devotion,

Jeffrey Breau 

Devotee and Sevak (in the role of General Manager)


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why are you making the decision to close the mandir and ashram fully? 

The New Mexico governor has required that all mass gatherings be suspended and all non-essential businesses and gathering places close. We have been paying close attention to the situation and feel that fully closing the ashram and mandir and practicing social distancing is the right decision to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and keep the satsang safe. 

What is this decision based on? 

We are following the guidance of the New Mexico and Taos governments, as well as the advice from scientists and public health experts. The more completely and quickly we implement social distancing (stopping non-essential person contact) will have a direct impact on how long the pandemic lasts and how many lives are lost. This Washington Post article is a helpful primer on the impact of social distancing and ‘flattening the curve’:

How long do you expect this to last?

We aren’t sure, but we will be following the situation closely and plan to have an update by April 9th on our website, over email, and on Facebook. 

Will there be any public gathering for Hanuman Jayanti? 

Unfortunately, there will be no public gathering for Hanuman Jayanti this year, our festival has been canceled and there will be no chanting or other gatherings at the ashram. Our lead pujari will do Hanuman Puja on Tuesday morning and will dress Him in his new clothes, but to protect public health the ashram will remain fully closed during this time. 

 I live in Taos and need support during this time, what can I do? 

The ashram remains committed to Maharaj-ji’s teaching of Feed Everyone and we are continuing to find safe ways we can get food to those in need. We are exploring ways to collaborate with other faith groups in Taos, the men’s and women’s shelters here, and to provide food directly to those in need. Please email if you are in need of assistance at this time and we’ll figure out what we can do to help.

How can I stay connected with the asham, Maharaj-ji, and Hanuman-ji? 

The ashram will continue live-streaming our 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM MST aartis here so you can have darshan from home. Additionally, we will be sharing more on our social media pages to help you stay connected with the Taos ashram. And, of course, as Maharaj-ji said, “whoever remembers me, I go to.” He is with us in time, regardless of where we are, we just have to remember Him.  

How can I support the ashram? 

If you would like to make a contribution to the ashram, please visit our online giving page: Your contribution will support the core costs of the ashram (such as electricity, insurance, and livestream costs) and will allow us to continue providing food to those in need in Taos.

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