• Sometimes people ask what they can bring. This is Maharaj-ji’s Wishlist:


organic butter
olive oil
Coconut oil
Mustard oil
panch puran
mustard oil
chaat Masala
raw unsalted cashews
dried fruit ( apricots, apples, mangos, figs, cranberries )
fresh ginger root
fresh green chilis
fresh cilantro (coriander leaf)
all kinds of dal- especially whole and split mung,
whole kabuli chana, and split masoor dals
dry whole garbanzos (aka whole chana)
whole cumin seeds
fresh curry leaves (can be mailed)
papadam (without onion or garlic please!) 


1. Gravel for outside area 2 tons = $700.00
2. Skylights for kitchen =$300.00 —DONATED 
3. Griddle for outside cooking area = $1200.00
4. Rugs for Dharmasala =$ 200 -DONATED
5. Front driveway gate = $2500.00
6. Bells for temple room = 5 @ $50.00 each  -DONATED
7. Kartals for Temple $50.00 -DONATED

8. Chai mugs (click to see link)

Thank you all for your generosity in fulfilling items on our list!!! 

DO BRING donations of food (produce and pantry items) are always appreciated.  Please see our wishlist above for the list of currently needed grocery items.

What NOT to bring: 

-DO NOT BRING anything made with eggs, onions or garlic (remember to check the ingredients list on prepared, store-bought items and snacks).

-DO NOT BRING plastic water bottles, plastic cups, plates or silverware or anything made with styrofoam.  We use only compostable dishware for take-away prasad and festivals and our water comes from a mineral-rich well.  It is untreated and very healthy and delicious.  No need to bring store-bought water!  If you would like to bring compostable items they can be ordered on Amazon by searching for compostable plates, bowls, spoons, forks, hot cups and cold cups.

Wishlist for people travelling to India who want to know what to bring back for the ashram to donate to our Puja Dukan

Hanuman and Baba two sided pendants from Rishikesh

Tulsi Malas 108 beads knotted smooth round tulsi beads

Rudraksh Malas 108 beads knotted

Sandalwood Malas 108 beads knotted

Om Nama Shivaya bracelets brass and copper adjustable size

Hanuman Chalisa Booklets Gita Press with both Hindi and English words yellow cover

Prayer shawls cotton with RAM, Krishna, or Shiva assorted colors

Small brass Ganesh blessing murti

Small Hanuman brass murti with open heart showing Sita and RAM in heart

Navratna 9 planet crystal necklace or mala from Rishikesh

Hanuman Yantra gold plated over copper

Puja offering plate small 1-2 ” diameter brass

 For information on gifts of securities, real property or other forms of planned giving, please contact the Ashram office at (575) 751-4080 or officemgr@nkbashram.org

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