Ashram’s Holiday Schedule

The ashram’s holiday schedule is below,

we hope to see you there!🎄

Homeless Memorial Service at Taos Plaza:

Saturday the 21st

At 4:00 PM Ram-ji will offer a few words and the ashram will be providing chai and prasad at reception afterwards.

Christmas Eve: Tuesday the 24th

Dinner at 6:00 PM followed by Aarti and Kirtan until 9:30 PM. If you’d like to help cook, please let us know. Prep starts at 1:00 PM. 

Christmas Day: Wednesday the 25th

Dinner will be served at 3:00 PM. If you’d like to help prepare dinner or a sweet, please let us know. Dinner prep will start at 9:00 AM.

Prasad Lunch in Honor of Sri Pujaniya Siddhi Ma:

Saturday the 28th 

We will chant 11 chalisas starting at 11:00 AM which will be followed by lunch prasad (additionally, anyone who would like to chant in Ma’s honor starting at 8:00 AM is welcome to). 

Peace Chanukah at St. James Church:

Sunday the 29th

5:30 – 7:00 PM Jeff will be saying a few words on behalf of the ashram.

New Year’s Eve: Tuesday the 31st

We will be singing 108 Hanuman Chalisas for Ram Dass on New Year’s Eve. We begin at 12 noon on Tuesday, 12/31. We will finish at midnight with Aarti. Note: this isn’t the official memorial for Ram Dass, details on this will be shared in a few weeks.


Dinner will be at 6:00 PM followed by Aarti and sweets until midnight Aarti.

Jai Gurudev! Jai Hanuman!

Jai Shri Ram! 

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