Monday April 26-Tuesday April 27, 2021

Hanuman’s birthday is celebrated on the first full moon in the spring. In 2021 this full moon occurs on the evening of Monday April 26th. The Hanuman Jayanti celebration will include chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, Special Puja to Hanuman, Aarti, and Prasad offering. Traditionally a large fancy birthday cake is prepared and offered to Lord Hanuman.  More details about the festival in 2021 will be made available in the months preceding the event and will depend on the opening or closure of the Ashram during the pandemic.


More about Hanuman & the Hanuman Chalisa:

See select verses from the Hanuman Chalisa 

Click for stories and translation of the Hanuman Chalisa for a more intimate understanding of this transformative prayer.

In the Ramayana, Hanuman symbolizes the sadhana shakti, or power of spiritual practice. He is also the symbol of the faith that can move mountains. He is the son of the monkey hero Kesari (lion-like resolve), and mother Anjani (beautifying collyrium—the divine ungent of pure feeling applied to the vision of the soul). God in the form of Cosmic Prana-the wind-god, Vayu (an aspect of the Cosmic Mind)-is his Divine Father. In fact, Hanuman is an emanation of Lord Shiva (Brahman, or the unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world). The emergence of faith in the heart of an aspirant is the result of the convergence all of these mystical elements.

It is believed that wherever and whenever the Ramayana is read, Hanuman (in an invisible form) is present with wistful ears adorned with mystic earrings,
craving to listen to the delightful narrative of Lord Rama’s life story again and again. 

-Based on commentary by Swami Jyotirmayananda, “A Mystical Interpretation of the Hanuman Chalisa”

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