Covid-19 Update July 1 2020

Upon the advice of our consulting epidemiologist, Dr. Larry Brilliant, a longtime devotee of Maharaj-ji, who guided his participation in the World Health Organization’s eradication of small pox in the 1970’s, We will continue to keep the Ashram Closed to all Visitors. It is the wiser course for all devotees to refrain from premature visits to the ashram for Darshan currently to prevent the potential spread of the covid 19 coronavirus.

If you are planning on visiting New Mexico at any time, by car or plane, please note that as of July 1st NM state Mandate REQUIRES all persons traveling from out of state to observe a 14 self-isolation quarantine upon entering the state. Masks are required in all public spaces and a minimum 6 foot social distance is encouraged. Thank you for helping to keep our community and the world a safer place for all.

We will continue to do our best to work with the state and local agencies to alert you to any changes as we all move towards a safe re-opening. We at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram are doing all we can to maintain a safe and healthy temple for you all to return to when we have made it through this challenging time.
Ram Ram