Feed Everyone: Part Two

“Wherever Baba turns his face, the universe also turns.”
-Shravan Nath Sang, “The Divine Reality”

At Maharaj-ji’s Kainchi Ashram there is a farm just down the valley run by the ashram.  It provides many of the fruits and vegetables used to prepare the Prasad offered to Maharaj-ji and the deities in the temples.  Crossing the river into the farm, visitors are greeted by the sight of rows of neatly growing vegetables.  Nestled in an orchard shaded by fragrant fruit trees, a small Hanuman murti blesses the spot.

Inspired by the example of the farm at Kainchi and by the desire to move towards sustainability, Baba’s ashram in Taos began expanding our small vegetable garden and modest young orchard in 2008.  Today, we have a dairy cow, a growing fruit orchard, several bee hives, a perennial medicinal herb garden and about an acre of cultivated land used for growing annual herbs, vegetables and flowers.

For more information about Hanuman’s Garden, Baba’s Permaculture Farm, please visit the farm page

Many people have served Maharaj-ji by serving his land in Taos.  The overwhelming response to being a part of this relationship is that it has been incredibly rewarding.  Sevaks comment that there is a deep and subtle beauty experienced when connecting and serving in the plant and animal kingdoms.


for Spring & Summer 2017.

If you are interested in participating in the ashram farm seva program, please contact Jesse, our Farm Manager, at jessehar@gmail.com or Anandi, Ashram General Manager, at anandi_manager@nkbashram.org.

For those who don’t have the opportunity to garden or who can’t come and serve at the ashram farm, there are also lots of ways to support others who are growing food in your community.

Here are a few resources:

Find out more about how to eat locally and develop relationships with local farmers and other food producers:
Find a local farmer’s market:
Apply for a grant to start a business promoting locally grown food or expand on a current business:
Don’t have a convenient source of locally grown food in your community?

Find out how to start your own community marketplace and connect local food providers with consumers:

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