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Taos Hanuman-ji Poster 

Hanuman Journal and Ashram Pen

Hanuman painted by the famous B.G. Sharma. Archival paper, 192 ruled pages. 


Stainless Steel Tumbler

20-oz stainless steel hot/cold travel cup.

Ram Sock Monkey 

Mug Set

K.K. Sah Chants the Sunderkaand and two Lama Flags

“Ram” Knit Cap

“Feed Everyone” Grocery Tote


Tulsi Hand Mala with a treasured thread from a blanket worn by Baba.

Sita Ram Maharaj-ji

Original Art By Cliff Benjamin 18 x 24. Custom giclee on museum quality archival paper.

Ram pendant set in round brilliant cut diamonds 

This Ram pendant is ¼” in height and ¾ in length and features round brilliant cut diamonds on an oxidized silver chain. Designed by Ira Rose of Cottage Jewelers.


Thread from a blanket worn by Baba placed in a sterling silver capsule amulet w/ sterling chain.

Om Mandala Mural

This tile mural contains the Om mandala and the following invocation: 

“All the animate and inanimate beings that comprise the universe, which has the form of an unbroken circle, are permeated by Bhraman, who is beyond these. I bow to that supreme reality.”

Om akhanda-mandalakaram vyaptam yena caracaram tatpadamdarsitam yena tasmai sriguruve namaha

Baba Blanket

Wool blanket from India offered at Maharaj-ji’s takhat in Taos

Temple Front Entry Sign 

This sign is made from brass, the letters are ½” thick and 10” tall. 

Custom Cabinets for Hanuman’s Sacred Puja 

Exterior Entry Antique Carved Teak Pillars

Central Dome Pillars