Maharaji Devotee Gives Harvard Commencement Speech


Three weeks back Maharaji’s long time devotee, Larry Brilliant, MD,  gave the commencement speech for Harvard’s School of Public Health. In his speech he talks about how Maharaji told him to go and eradicate small pox.Brilliant-commencement-469x313

Here’s a snip it from his speech where he affectionately speaks about his guru Neem Karoli Baba.

“My wife and I wound up in a Himalayan ashram for two years. I nearly forgot all about medicine. We studied Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish texts. And meditated. And that was the normal career path in those days.

My teacher, my guru, Neem Karoli Baba, was a wonderful and very wise renunciate. And we all thought he could see the future somehow. One day, while I was trying to meditate, my guru yelled my name (he called me “Doctor America”). He said it was my destiny to leave the monastery, leave the mountains, to join the WHO team that was being assembled in New Delhi to eradicate smallpox. He said smallpox would be eradicated, that it was God’s gift to humanity to lift one form of suffering from our shoulders, it was God’s gift because of the dedication of public health workers. How he knew smallpox could be, would be eradicated, I will never understand. And I was 27 and had never seen a case of smallpox, and this was to be my first real job out of medical school.”

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