NOT ONLY WAS Maharajji watching over us, but he could easily see within us as well. And that was quite a different matter.

To realize that someone has access to the secret compartments of your mind is unnerving. It gives rise to a type of intimacy that is unparalleled in most of our human relationships. Those of us who are close to another person often sense what the other is feeling. When we have come to know the way another thinks we may even be able to guess what is on his or her mind. But there are so many tiny, subtle thoughts; and many of these are censored almost the moment they come to mind because they would be socially unacceptable or even unacceptable to our own conscious image of ourselves. To realize that someone has access even to these thoughts immediately puts you at an extraordinary disadvantage, as if your opponent had broken your code. You are so vulnerable. But of course it is also incredibly exciting to meet another consciousness in such an intimate way. And with Maharajji, added to this was a quality of unconditional love coming from the other, as if he were saying to you, “I know all about you and I love you.”

The most precious things about Maharajji cannot be described in stories— like massaging his legs. If I had a useless thought as I was massaging him, he’d pull my hand away; and then, when I would recenter my mind, he’d put my hand back. In those subtle ways he would teach you. – Miracle of Love