Nine nights of worship of the Divine Feminine
w/ Fire Puja, Puja & Kirtan

Saturday, October 17th to Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Online Puja will be live streamed beginning at 6:30 each evening


Navratri lasts for nine nights with worship to Ma Durga, the Goddess of Courage; Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity; and Ma Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. The nine nights of Durga Puja are usually celebrated from the first till the tenth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Ashvin. This year due to an unusual double new moon during the month of Ashvin, the celebration is delayed for approximately one month. Due to the closure of the Ashram,  Navratri will be live streamed from the Ashram in 2020 from Saturday, October 17th to Sunday October 25th. We will begin each evening with a fire puja at 6:30. Following the fire puja, Aarti will be live streamed from the Temple with the Jaya Jagadish prayer and offering of the aarti light. Following the aarti prayer, the puja to the Divine Mother will take place online with offerings and prayers. Following the puja, bhajans to the Mother will complete each evenings offerings. You can join the celebration from home from the Ashram Facebook page or website Jai MA!

Kumari Puja

Worship of the Goddess in the form of a child


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