Hanuman’s new temple is rising at Maharaj-ji’s Ashram in Taos. Maharaj-ji’s temples in India all have Hanuman as the main deity. Since this is Maharaj-ji’s home in America it is Hanuman’s home too. Hanuman embodies the bhakti path of love and service, the path Maharaj-ji has given us. In the epic panorama of the Rāmayāna, Hanuman carries Rām’s (God’s) ring of love to reassure Sita, who represents the soul.

Ever since 1976 when I commissioned Hanuman’s murti in India, a new home for Hanuman has been a dream dear to my heart. He was carved in Jaipur by the family of sculptors who made Maharaj-ji’s temple murtis. When I told them I was committed to making a flying Hanuman with a ring they were shocked.

The murti wallahs had never made a flying Hanuman, only standing or kneeling. I gave them the painting that Lakshmi Tiernan had made. They brought in one of the family who was a sketch artist. Because we were from the West they thought we would know how to float it off the ground with compressed air. Now they have a picture of Taos Hanuman proudly displayed in their office.

Rabboo Joshi, one of Maharaj-ji’s devotees who has visited Taos, relates how when the finishing touches were being applied to Hanuman in Jaipur, Siddhi Ma came to the studio and sat there for days giving precise directions as to how Hanuman should look. Just as Sita blessed Hanuman before he flew back to Ram, Siddhi Ma blessed him before his trip to America.

We need more funds to complete the temple. The monkey army of workmen are moving swiftly toward completion of the structure.

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I’m feeling like the temple will be finished before my deadline. I turned eighty-six this year, and I would love to see Hanuman move in. Taos is a place where all devotees can come to hang out in the heart.


Ram Dass