“Ram nam karne se sab pura ho jata.”


Each devotee 
experienced Babaji in his own unique way. Tularam Sah said, “Babaji 
is the greatest sage of the age.” Ram Narayan Sinha said, “He is
 Hanuman.” Akbar Ali Khan said, “Not pir (saint) or paigambar 
(prophet), but he is actually Khuda (God).” Thakur Jaidev Singh said,
”He is Bhagwan.” I could not disbelieve them. They poured out their 
experiences in full ecstasy. They are as true to me as the experience 
I myself had on the bank of the Ganges when he whispered in my 
ear, “Ram nam karne se sab pura ho jata.” (Everything is accomplished by taking the name of Ram.)

Dada Mukerjee
The Near and The Dear

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