Satsang Seva Day at the ashram


We had a successful “satsang seva day” at the ashram today. The sun was shining, the air a little nippy and the helpers were in good spirits. We had around 20 people show up to help with all the chores.   IMG_1356


We did everything from organizing the kitchen pantry shelves and deep cleaning them to cleaning and organizing our small library. The farmer sevaks weeded, mulched and put to bed the farm grounds.

We had some devotees fill in the never-ending pot-holes in the parking lot, some devotees wiped down all the wood in the sun-room with murphys oil and did a deep clean on the inside chai stand.IMG_1358  One of our devotees took on the task of cleaning up and organizing the outside recycling station.


All the Maharaj-ji photos were wiped clean.



Lastly, the tool shed got surrounded with rocks to keep it from flooding during the winter seasonIMG_1364 and we had lots of helpers raking and sweeping the fall leaves outside.






What devotees are saying, “I just showed up to do my usual plant seva but couldn’t resist to do the parking lot seva. I’m on a seva-high.”




Afterwards, our local French devotee gave us a big treat, pizza.

But not just any pizza, Jean Jaques is a professional when it comes to baking breads and pizzas, it must be in his blood. IMG_1380IMG_1377



We’ve had these “satsang seva days” in the past but nothing consistant. This was the first one we had this year and we’re hoping to make “satsang seva day” a semi-annual tradition at the temple.




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