All are welcome in the temple and sunroom.

The temple opens at 6:45 a.m. each morning and remains open throughout the day. The sunroom, which is an extension of the temple, is open during ashram  hours. We observe silence during the morning from opening until 8 a.m., so please refrain from conversation during this time.

Please feel free to stay in the temple as long as it’s open. There may be occasional, short temple closings for special pujas. During these times, the temple curtains will be closed while  the sunroom will remain open for all.

When in the temple room, we welcome you to chant bhajans, sit in silent meditation, and/or play the temple instruments (if you’re new to an instrument, please be careful and check with a caretaker about proper use).

Aarti: at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. we have our daily Aarti prayer ceremonies. These are open to the public and all are welcome. If you would like to follow and chant along, Aarti prayer and bhajan (chant) booklets are located inside the temple to the right of the door.

Below is information about the temple and a few guidelines we ask you to follow to help us maintain an open, sacred, and respectful environment:

    • Remember that weapons and intoxicants are not allowed on ashram property
    • Dogs and other pets are not allowed at the ashram, including the parking lots (unattended animals are also not allowed in cars due to the risk of heat stroke)
    • Do not place ointments or tilaks on Hanuman-ji, the Shiva Lingam, or any of the Murti’s. This causes damage to these sacred Deities.
    • Before entering the temple:
      • Please remove shoes and wear modest clothing
      • Be sure that shoulders are covered. We have shawls you can borrow if needed outside the temple door; please return them when done.  
      • Please have clean body and clothes. If your hygiene is disruptive to others, we may ask you to leave to clean up. If you were traveling to get here and require a shower, please talk with a caretaker.
    • Please refrain from:
      • Cell phone or computer use in the temple or sunroom
      • Picking or taking flowers from vases or from the grounds
      • Arguing or raising your voice
      • Sitting with your back or feet toward the takht (Maharaj-Ji’s bed at the front of the room) or any of the altars, as this is considered inauspicious and a sign of disrespect
      • Loud or disruptive conversation in the sunroom is not permitted and those creating disruption may be asked to step outside or leave the grounds.
    • Place all instruments, prayer books, and meditation cushions back when you’re done with them and avoid placing uncovered prayer books directly on the floor.
  • Photography: Photography of people not in your party is allowed only if you have been given explicit permission before photographing. Please do not take pictures during prayer ceremonies. Please enjoy photographing Hanuman-ji for personal use. Images of Hanuman-ji cannot be used commercially and the ashram takes action against those who violate this rule.
  • Parking: We encourage people to carpool or take alternative forms of transport. If you must drive, the main ashram parking lot and designated overflow parking areas are the only available parking areas, parking on nearby streets or on adjacent properties will result in your vehicle being towed.
  • Note that it is customary to: Take prasad (sacred food presented as an offering) and the water by the Deities only with the right hand. Water and prasad distributed during aarti is also received with right hand. You are welcome you to take prasad offered in the temple or sunroom.