Thanksgiving at the Ashram

Tradition of America devotion of India  babafeast

The day started early as usual at Baba’s ashram. Devotees gathered to make a wide variety of delicious dishes for what turned out to be a lavish Thanksgiving feast.

Some devotees said it was one of the most beautiful Thanksgiving days they’ve had in a long time. The kirtan was playing in the background, people stayed warm in the sun-room while snow covered the ashram grounds and we prepared dishes, one after another, to offer to our beloved Maharaj-ji.

Some visitors from Colorado loved the prasad and felt it had the feeling of the prasad in India even though it was American food. It was the devotion and Maharaj-ji’s blessings that made this feast especially blessed. IMG_1614

The menu included cranberry sauce, stuffed squash from

Baba’s garden, pumpkin pies made from scratch, fresh baked bread, mash potatoes, daal, tasty paneer pakoras with chutney, green beans and sliced almonds, a yummy cream of broccoli soup and amazing pumpkin ghee cookies.

IMG_1624 (1) All were in good spirits as we enjoyed a warm family evening chanting the Hanuman Chalisa.


Wherever you may be during this Thanksgiving holiday we wish you a

Heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving. Jai!


“Feed everyone and love everyone.”- Maharaj-ji


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