Temple Renovations

The temple room upgrade continues! Regular Sunday and Tuesday programs will continue throughout the project. Baba's office is open for darshan and visitors are welcome.

Maharaji Stories

Kishan Lal Sah, a teacher from Ramgarh, Nainital often visited Kainchi to have Baba’s darshan. His devotion was such that...

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Devotee Videos

From the 2013 Mahasamadi. Balaram and Raghu discuss how Maharajji would say things that were difficult to understand at the time, but would much later come to fruition.

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Teaching of the Day

"You must accept everyone and see in them the Lord. There is no other need for a saint." Neem Karoli Baba Miracle of Love

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A perfect preparation for Hanuman Jayanti, April 4! Lutgendorf offers a rich array of entertaining stories not previously available in English: an expanding epic cycle that he christens the "Hanumayana".

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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman’s birthday is on the first full moon of Spring. Beginning at 1:08 pm on Friday April 3rd, we sing Hanuman Chalisas for 24 hours ...

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